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Monitoring of Environmental Practices for Sustainable Agriculture Supported by Earth Observation (ENVISION)

Main research question/goal

ENVISION (https://envision-h2020.eu/) develops and pilot tests innovative tools for the continuous, large scale monitoring of farm management activities regarding sustainability, in compliance with the CAP's agri-environmental objectives. ILVO acts as a technology partner to develop a SOC service, and managing ENVISION business cases. The SOC service creates a soil organic carbon (SOC) map (pixel size 10 to 20m) of the top layer of arable land based on remote sensing. Additionally, it allows the monitoring of the SOC value at the level of the agricultural parcel.

Research approach

To develop the SOC service, we use Copernicus S2 Satellite images and the lab results of a Soil campaign performed in Flanders. For the modeling process, we utilize Machine Learning algorithms.


The SOC service will be tested and demonstrated during the project by Flanders' Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. The scope is to integrate the services into CAP workflows and support the Soil Passport project.

External partner(s)
Date:1 Sep 2020 →  30 Nov 2023