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Molecular Developmental Physiology and Signal Transduction

The central research theme of Prof. Vanden Broeck and his research group is the study of molecular, cellular and organismal physiological mechanisms implicated in the regulation of important post-embryonic developmental processes, particularly in non-model insect species. This includes the study of neuronal, hormonal and small RNA based regulatory pathways. In addition, translational research is carried out to explore and develop novel strategies for practical applications based on the biological expertise of the lab.

Main expertise: insect physiology, post-embryonic development and reproduction, locust polyphenism, G protein-coupled receptors, signal transduction, hormones, biogenic amines, (neuro)peptides, RNA interference, small non-coding RNAs, extracellular RNA, extracellular vesicle (EV) research, insect pest control, insects for food or feed.

Date:1 Oct 2000 →  Today
Keywords:insect, hormone, peptide, receptor, RNA interference, small non-coding RNA
Disciplines:Invertebrate biology, Cell signalling, Animal developmental and reproductive biology