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Modular high-end mass spectrometer for ultrasensitive quantification and imaging of small organic molecules in cross-health research - MSsmall-XH

The current high-throughput multi-omics technologies,

complemented with revolutionary micro- and nanoscopic

imaging tools, offer amazing opportunities for holistic

investigation and pathophysiologic understanding of

diseases in both man and animals. However, the accurate

and specific quantification of small organic molecules

currently faces two major challenges: 1) the increasing

availability of microsamples from biological origin having

ever smaller sizes requires the increasing need for

ultrasensitive quantification up to sub-pg/g (mL) level; 2)

the unmet need for imaging and spatial distribution

mapping of these small molecules in complex biological

matrices. The proposed modular and nanoscale ultra-high

performance liquid-chromatography tandem mass

spectrometer holds the unique features to simultaneously

fill both gaps in the current multi-omics workflow. We

target the analysis of drugs, toxins and endogenous

compounds, as well as their metabolites and biomarkers in

in vitro and in vivo samples of human and animal origin.

This unique instrument is currently not available in Belgium

and will be embedded as shared facility within the UGent

MSsmall Expertise Centre, established in 2017 with the

ambition to support high quality life science research with

state-of-the-art mass spectrometry equipment and

expertise. Broad interest in this high-end technology is

evidenced by the support of 23 promoters from several

(bio)medical faculties of 3 Flemish universities.

Date:1 May 2022 →  Today
Keywords:mass spectrometric imaging, mass spectrometry, cross health, small molecules, ultrasensitive quantification
Disciplines:Non-clinical studies, Neonatology, Pharmacokinetics, Pediatrics, Analytical toxicology