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A Modular and Streamlined Synthetic Platform for Diverse Polyheterocyclic Libraries

The overall aim of this project is to explore a modular and streamlined synthetic platform for the rapid construction of diverse polyheterocyclic libraries enabled by the combination of an Ugi four-component reaction (U-4CR) and an asymmetric dearomatization reaction. The generated complex heterocyclic scaffolds might also be envisaged as conformationally constrained analogs of various bioactive natural alkaloids. Their pharmaceutical potential will be established through ongoing collaborations with the Rega Institute for medicinal research at KU Leuven. However, it might be clear that in case of lead finding, further optimization of the compounds on the way to the development of active drugs, will be incorporated in follow-up interdisciplinary projects. Moreover, a number of manuscripts in high impact factor journals will be obtained.

Date:30 Sep 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Organic chemistry
Disciplines:Organic chemical synthesis
Project type:PhD project