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Modeling of the tunnel field-effect transistor.

The nanowire-based tunnel field-effect transistor (tunnel-FET) is a promising candidate to replace the metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor. Due to the absence of a limit on the subthreshold swing, the tunnel-FET allows a reduction of the supply voltage below the 1 V plateau. The perspective of such a breakthrough results in a strong worldwide interest in the tunnel-FET. Despite the expanding research domain and out own important conceptual contributions, the physical insight in the tunnel-FET performance is still very primitive and the developed models are based on very simplified configurations. The purpose of this project is the further development of a model for the tunnel-FET performance. The project is focused on the incorporation of realistic fabrication parameters (like e.g. doping gradients) or circuit parameters (like e.g. drain voltage) in the model, as well as the exploration of non-conventional configurations.
Date:19 Oct 2009 →  30 Apr 2010
Keywords:Band-to-band tunnelling, Field-effect transistor, Tunnelling, Nano, Subthreshold swing, Low power
Disciplines:Modelling, Multimedia processing