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Modeling and Simulation of Microstructural Coarsening in Polycrystalline Materials

Microstructure engineering is an important aspect of design and development of new engineering materials. The microstructure evolution in the three dimensions are very complex in nature. Analytical models and experimental studies are limited to the prediction of growth exponent and growth kinetics. In this regard, computer simulations are useful to study various aspect of microstructural characterization like grain size distribution, grain topology distribution, grain size/topology relation and growth rate. A two-phase polycrystalline microstructure offers better material properties like high strength, toughness and corrosion resistance, over single-phase materials. A modified phase-field model is used to study the effect of volume fraction on microstructure evolution in segregation-free isotropic volume-conserved two-phase alloys. Large scale simulations are carried out with the help of bounding box algorithm. The volume-conserved two-phase results are then compared with the non-conserved two-phase system.

Date:25 May 2010  →  22 Oct 2018
Keywords:Microstructure Modeling, Simulations, C++ Programming
Disciplines:Thermodynamics, Materials science and engineering, Ceramic and glass materials, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering, Analytical chemistry, Physical chemistry
Project type:PhD project