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ModAU - Modernized Auscultations for Remote Monitoring.

In hospitals where there is a significant workload, performing auscultations can be a timeconsuming process, which also exposes the medical personnel to potentially contagious diseases. Current systems that allow remote auscultations are often not fit for use with large amounts of patients, long-term use, or are limited in terms of functionality. The major drawback in current remote auscultation systems is the relatively bulky acoustic coupler which makes part of the stethoscope assembly. This physical dimension reduces the applicability for long-term monitoring, because of the discomfort for the patient and the inherent risk of decubitus wounds. In this project, we will investigate the construction of thinner stethoscopes, increasing patient comfort
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  Today
Disciplines:Embedded systems, Analogue and digital signal processing, Respiratory medicine not elsewhere classified