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The mobile eye-tracking lab: a portable and shared infrastructure

The analysis of human eye gaze behavior has attracted scholarly attention in different fields, as it provides valuable insights into perception, attention and cognition. Studying gaze behavior in naturalistic settings, such as human-human or human-computer interaction, sports activities, navigation and wayfinding, etc., requires measuring tools that are flexible and maximally non-intrusive. What is more, ideally such systems allow researchers to measure multiple participants' gaze behavior as an index of joint attention in interaction. The interdisciplinary project consortium for this proposal applies for a mobile eye-tracking lab that provides the infrastructure for simultaneously measuring multiple users' eye gaze behavior in naturalistic settings. The requested infrastructure will be pooled and jointly operated by the different groups involved, thus building the foundation of an interdisciplinary expertise center.
Date:1 Oct 2016 →  30 Sep 2018
Disciplines:Biological and physiological psychology, General psychology, Other psychology and cognitive sciences