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Miniaturized disposable lab-on-a-chip sensor for drinking water contaminant detection. (FWOAL677)

The consumption of contaminated water constitutes a major health issue in the developing world. When considering microbiological contamination, the presence of Escherichia Coli can act as a powerful indicator. In the present work, a miniaturized photonic biosensor will be developed for the microbiological screening of drinking water.
Date:1 Jan 2013 →  31 Dec 2016
Keywords:Holography, Non-Linear Optics, Photonics, Optival Instrumentation, Optical Computing, Semiconductor Technology, Optical Switches And Modulators, Optical Fibre Sensors, Optical Measurements, Optical Materials, Optical Interconnects, Optical Instrumentation, Vcsels, Micro-Optics, Opto-Electronic Devices, Plastic Photonics
Disciplines:Information technologies, Materials science and engineering, Nanotechnology, Classical physics, Applied mathematics in specific fields