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Mid-term evaluation five-year programme 2017-2021 Children's rights education Unicef Belgium

This project concerns a mid-term evaluation of the development education programme of Unicef Belgium. During the evaluation 6 pilot projects are investigated in which Unicef, in cooperation with 4 primary schools and 2 colleges, tries to integrate children's rights education into the school functioning through action research.  In addition, primary school teachers are questioned about their experience with the use and content of Unicef Belgium's pedagogical material, as well as about their specific needs and possible obstacles with regard to the digitisation of the material.  The evaluation is learning-oriented and uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods including outcome harvesting workshops and an online survey for teachers.

Date:6 Dec 2019  →  30 Apr 2020
Keywords:Child rights education, Evaluation, Outcome harvesting, theme_globaldevelopemnt
Disciplines:Citizenship education, Social program evaluation