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Mid-term evaluation five-year program 2017-2021 KOMYUNITI

This project concerns a mid-term evaluation of the global education component within the Komyuniti programme of Studio Globo and Broederlijk delen (2017-2021). Global education is one of the three specific objectives within this programme, next to the mobilisation of volunteers and the lobby and advocacy of political actors. Through the global education component Studio Globo and Broederlijk delen hope to contribute to increased motivation among teachers, pupils and the broad school environment for international solidarity and a sustainable way of life. The evaluation which involved a mix of quantiative and qualitative research methods, was mainly aimed at learning to what extent and how Studio Globo and Broederlijk Delen can optimise their support to primary and secondary school teachers.

Date:9 Jan 2019  →  9 Oct 2019
Disciplines:Citizenship education