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Meeting difference in the regular classroom: Participatory research with children with a disability and their peers in inclusive primary education

Study 1 investigates the way 20 disabled children experience their daily educational (ableist) practices. Study 2 analyses the perspectives of 30 non-disabled peers in inclusive education, focusing on meanings of U+2018an inclusive educational settingU+2019 and U+2018differenceU+2019. Study 3 aims at implications regarding ethical and participatory research with children. During study 4 (non-
)disabled pupils create an accessible book containing their perspectives.

Date:1 Oct 2017 →  Today
Keywords:children with a disability, participatory research, inclusive education, childrenU+2019s rights
Disciplines:Social theory and sociological methods, Psychological methods, Political theory and methodology, Orthopedagogics and special education, Specialist studies in education, Education systems, Other pedagogical and educational sciences, General pedagogical and educational sciences, Education curriculum, Mathematical and quantitative methods