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Mediating Cultural Encounters Through European Screens (MeCETES) (FWOH1 (FWOAL701))

In modern societies, cultural encounters are to a large degree mediated encounters. The MeCETES project is founded on the premise that our experience of other Europeans is heavily mediated through film and television.

Since 1992, the role of culture and the creative industries within Europe has gained in importance, and the EU has developed increasingly comprehensive cultural and media policies as part of the European project. Yet knowledge is limited about which European films and television drama series travel well within Europe, how Europeans engage with screen fictions from or about other European nations, and the role those fictions play in constructing a sense of belonging to and identifying with Europe.

The MeCETES project fills this gap by ascertaining how films and television drama enable audiences to encounter other European cultures, the conditions under which those fictions are produced and circulate within Europe, and their consequences for the project of cultural integration, identity building and diversity. We will identify and analyse screen fictions that provide representations of other Europeans, the policy framework and the industrial context of production, distribution and dissemination within which they circulate, and their reception by audiences. We focus on the period 2005-2015, combining a Europe-wide overview with case studies relating to the UK, Denmark and Belgium, where the three research teams are based.

The project is led by three highly experienced academics. The Project Leader, Andrew Higson (University of York, UK), is widely known for this work on contemporary British cinema and Film Europe, and for his contribution to debates about national and transnational cinema. Ib Bondebjerg (University of Copenhagen, Denmark) has played a central role in several major pan-European film and TV research projects and has published extensively on Danish, Scandinavian and European screen media. Caroline Pauwels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium) is an expert on European cultural and media policy-making and has published extensively on European and global audiovisual policy, media convergence and concentration.
Date:1 Jun 2013  →  31 Oct 2016
Keywords:Information Technologies, Communication Policy, Cultural theory and policy, Science Communication, New Media, Research On Media Effects, Ethnicity, Privacy
Disciplines:Digital media, Media studies, Communication sciences