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The meaning of the principle of solidarity in European law.

The principle of solidarity is becoming increasingly significant in European law. On the one hand this stems from the existing European Treaties and the reinforcement of the principle of solidarity in the Treaty of Lisbon and in the EU Charter of fundamental rights. It also follows from the most recent developments in the case law of the European Court of Justice with regard to the implementation of parts of community law such as European citizenship, internal market and competition. The prime objective of this research is to analyse how European law defines the principle of solidarity. The results will then be compared to the definition of this concept in the European Open Method of Coordination as well as in Member States' social law and policy. This should lead to conclusions on the issue as to whether there is a coherent view on the principle of solidarity within this European context.
Date:1 Jan 2009 →  31 Dec 2012
Disciplines:Social work, Other sociology and anthropology, Law