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Making temporary uses of urban space sustainable

This PhD project aims to unravel the scientific foundations of the sustainability potential of temporary uses of urban space, with the aim to better guide civil society organisations, citizens and local governments in their attempt to revitalize the urban social fabric, even beyond the constraints of time and space. Temporary use of urban space has the potential to serve as an experimental breeding ground from and through which social and urban innovation is enhanced apart from the current economic, social and political space cycle. Furthermore, it allows for building relationships with and between vulnerable groups that otherwise experience difficulties to find a place in the city. At the same time, the temporary horizon of the use of these spaces poses challenges regarding the sustainable nature of this potential. To date, little scientific research has been conducted into the sustainability potential of temporary uses of urban space. Therefore, the aim of this doctoral project is to provide more insight based on qualitative research with an ethnographic bend, making use of several case studies in Flanders. The results will be used to reflect on the implications for socio-spatial initiatives, public governance, and planning policy initiatives in the city.

Date:1 Apr 2021  →  Today
Keywords:Temporary urban space, Sustainability, Governance
Disciplines:Urban and regional geography, Public administration
Project type:PhD project