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Magnum opus et arduum: Towards a History of the Reception of Augustine’s “De civitate Dei”

This research project is dedicated to one of the most influential literary works of Latin Antiquity, viz. Augustine’s “De civitate Dei” (5th century C.E.). It combines expertise present at three Leuven Faculties (Arts, Theology, Philosophy) and consists of the following work packages:(1) 4 PhD projects:– A Comprehensive Understanding of Augustine’s Political Thinking: Theory and Praxis (supervisors: A.D., G.P.);– The Transmission of “De civitate Dei” from Late Antiquity until the 15th Century (supervisors: G.P., J.D.K.);– The Reception of “De civitate Dei” in the Oeuvre of Coluccio Salutati (supervisors: J.D.K., A.R.);– The Reception of “De civitate Dei” at the Council of Constance (1414-1418) (supervisors: A.R., A.D.).(2) 1 synthetic Postdoc project:– Reading Augustine’s “De civitate Dei” in the Italian Renaissance (1375-1450).
Date:1 Oct 2017  →  Today
Keywords:magnus opus et arduum
Disciplines:Language studies, Literary studies