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m-MALL: moving towards the next generation motion analysis research

Clinicians rely heavily on correctly assessing physical (dis)abilities to improve the treatment and prevention of degenerative musculoskeletal and neurological disorders such as sarcopenia, osteoarthrosis, or Parkinson's disease. With m-MALL, KU Leuven researchers from rehabilitation sciences, movement sciences, orthopedics and physical medicine are joining forces to enable high-quality movement research in a clinical and home environment. Due to the ‘markerless motion capture’, the researcher does not have to intervene with the patient, so that  observation can take place in a maximally ecological fashion even when in the clinic. In the home environment, wearable motion sensors will make movement registration possible in small rooms without cameras. Therefore, the m-MALL provides a unique possibility to register detailed body movements, both in the clinic and the home.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  31 Dec 2022
Keywords:diagnostics, human motion capture, biomechanics, neuromuscular function, joint kinematics
Disciplines:Rehabilitation sciences, Physiotherapy, Biomechanics, Musculo-skeletal systems , Orthopaedics not elsewhere classified, Regenerative medicine not elsewhere classified, Geriatrics, Traumatology