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Luminescent polymer films for liquid crystal displays with a broad color palette (17800416)

  The aim of this project is the development of polymer films doped with colloidal quantum dots (QDs) and demonstrating their use as part of quantum dot enhanced displays. Following specific objectives and criteria set Synthesizing new quantum dot materials Cd-free quantum dots (QDs) whose use is not covered by restrictive regulations, with improved optical properties and an economically viable cost structure. Luminescent polymer films: Creating and testing of QD and powder phosphor doped polymer films by means of NovoPolymers "" extrusion process, including the incorporation of different QDs analysis of the structural and optical properties of the resulting sheets and preparation of structure-property relationship, the development of a setup for the characterization of laterally exposed luminescent waveguides on the basis of QD doped polymer films.

Date:1 Jan 2016  →  28 Feb 2017
Disciplines:Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Other humanities and the arts