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Leukocyte trafficking in the resolution of inflammation

Resolution of inflammation is an understudied process, with incomplete resolution causing pathological complications. It encompasses the final stages of inflammation and includes inactivation and scavenging of inflammatory mediators and cells, the removal of cellular debris and tissue repair. Regulation of leukocyte trafficking is well established in the fight against infections and as a critical component of inflammatory damage, but its beneficial or detrimental roles and its regulation during resolution are poorly understood. Our project aims at the best mechanistic understanding of leukocyte trafficking during the different phases of resolution at the molecular and cellular levels. We will study chemokine network regulation, investigate resolution mechanisms in mouse models and assess pro-resolving mechanisms in patients. Thereby, it will create new opportunities for translational interventions to improve disease resolution in a variety of inflammatory diseases.
Date:1 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:inflammation, chemokines, cytokines, resolution, infection, malaria, proteases
Disciplines:Inflammation, Posttranslational modifications, Cell movement