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Learning of physics and mathematics concepts in an integrated STEM curriculum

As a member of the STEM@school team, I perform research on integrated STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Together with the project team and in-service teacher from Flemish secondary schools I have developed teaching and learning materials for integrated STEM. My research has a focus on physics and mathematics, more specifically the link between these two fields, representational fluency, conceptual understanding of kinematics, conceptual understanding of linear relationships, and misconceptions in physics. Assessing students' performance on these topics in an iSTEM cohort and in a control cohort allows me to perform in-depth effect studies to evaluate the iSTEM instructional approach and to gain insight into discipline specific learning in physics and in mathematics.

Date:5 Jan 2015 →  24 Jun 2019
Disciplines:Classical physics, Other physical sciences
Project type:PhD project