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Large-scale, multi-axial mechanical testing of components and structures for the energy transition, make industry and civil infrastructure

The majority of Laboratory Soete's research and industrial activities rely entirely on a set of modular test rigs for large-scale mechanical testing of components and structures, that are driven by various actuators. To ensure further growth en reinforce the position of the lab, a significant investment in this infrastructure is required. As a result of the planned investment, (1) Laboratory Soete will be able to apply more complex testing methodologies with high industrial relevance, (2) the total testing capacity will be significantly expanded, which will lead to an increase in test flexibility, (3) the electronic test infrastructure will be thoroughly upgraded in terms of reliability and (4) new opportunities for expanding research topics and obtaining funding are being created. ItU+2019s the labU+2019s ambition to strengthen its international leading position in large-scale, nonstandardized mechanical testing of components and structures. In addition to strong growth in the energy sector, growth in the manufacturing industry and civil infrastructure is envisaged. Laboratory Soete already has strong ties with players from each of these markets and the current investment will undoubtedly lead to significantly increased revenues from R&D and services.

Date:1 Apr 2021 →  Today
Keywords:make industry, energy transition, civil infrastructure, Mechanical testing, multi-axial
Disciplines:Mechanics not elsewhere classified, Metals and alloy materials, Destructive and non-destructive testing of materials, Structural engineering