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KADOC-ODIS: Digital Research Infrastructure for Religion, Culture and Society

The interfaculty centre KADOC-KU Leuven (°1976)
documents and studies the manifold cultural and societal
legacies of religion in modern society. The corner stone of
its digital research infrastructure is the web database ODIS.
Since 2000 it centralizes and discloses authoritative, thus
source-validated and research-embedded data-series on
the history and heritage of civil society. In May 2021
KADOC-ODIS was recognized as a core facility of KU Leuven.
The database bridges the worlds of academic research and
cultural heritage, and is one of the most intensely used
online historical research instruments in Flanders. KADOCODIS
aims at versatility and cooperation. Our investment
program strategically answers the needs of the many
different KU Leuven research units that study the societal
and cultural impact of religion. New tools will allow to
innovatively query, analyze and visualize KADOC’s wellstructured
data-sets. An interoperability and discovery layer
will establish more and better connections to other
(international) research instruments, SSH research
platforms and Linked Open Data resources. Scholars will be
able to import and process data-sets in their own
applications. A new, dedicated module in ODIS will offer a
platform for preserving and contextually disclosing
historical statistical materials. A thorough technical update
of this research infrastructure will realign it to the
requirements of current and future digital humanities

Date:1 May 2022 →  Today
Keywords:Digital Research Infrastructure, Religion, Culture, Society
Disciplines:Modern and contemporary history