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Investigating teachers' practices in using technology for Adult Language Learning (TECH4ALL) (R-4085)

The project aims at bringing together various experts from European countries in order to exchange ideas and practices in the area of Adult Language Learning (ALL) through new technologies. The current project seeks to take advantage of the ubiquity of the new technologies in order to support also the needs of migrant language learners. The project also intends to address issues of interculturalism by involving adult language learners of diverse cultural backgrounds in an effort to cater for their linguistic needs as migrant, mature students. Specifically, the project partners intend to identify successful practices in Adult Language Learning (ALL), and to discuss the strengths and weaknesses as well as the benefits and challenges of using various technological tools in the teaching and learning process. The sharing of ideas from different contexts will result in the compilation of an online collection of best practices in ALL which will also include sample material for adult foreign language learning. The partners will also work collaboratively to evaluate the material implementation in different contexts aiming at improving practices and materials in foreign language teaching to adults of diverse origin, as well as to mature students at large. Furthermore, partners will develop an on-line guide describing how the compiled material can be. Finally, the project partners intend to create an online community which will allow learners to exchange ideas and experiences in foreign/second language learning. Overall, the project intends to bring together language teachers, trainers, ICT experts and adult learners from different countries, thus promoting multiculturalism and enhancing communication and cooperation among European citizens who share similar interests.
Date:1 Aug 2012  →  31 Jul 2014
Disciplines:Pedagogical and educational sciences
Project type:Collaboration project