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International Early Learning and Child Well-being Study (IELS) 2024 in Flanders . (IELS)

The Centre of Educational Effectiveness and Evaluation (CEE) and the Child & Youth Institute (L-C&Y), both KU Leuven, are combining their experience and substantive and methodological expertise to carry out the Flemish participation in the International Early Learning and Child Well-Being Study (IELS) in 2024. IELS2024 is an international large scale assessment that puts a spotlight on how well children are faring at five years of age. The study particularly measures those aspects of learning and development that are predictive of children’s later educational outcomes and general well-being, such as emergent literacy, emergent numeracy, self-regulation and social-emotional skills. The consortium is responsible for making contributions to the international instruments, a correct follow-up of the international guidelines and maximizing the response rate. This will be followed by extensive reporting on how well five year old Flemish students perform on these measures with attention to correlations at student, class and school level.

Date:1 Jan 2023 →  Today
Disciplines:Educational and school psychology, Educational counselling and school guidance, Language curriculum and pedagogics, Mathematics and numeracy curriculum and pedagogics, Preschool education and kindergarten, Comparative and international education