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integration for young adults - conducting a study on the impact of research on the wellbeing of the young people involved

- The organization of courses of social orientation (MO) in the contact language - Guidance - Through the organization of language courses, the language is acquired partly back refreshed. - The organization of recreational activities, excursions and camps make the coaches get to know the young people. - As the project enters its third year, it is also planned to link a scientific study on the project. The youth of the EFF project one year still be seen regularly, and through feedback from the shelter, we know that the project had a positive and invigorating effect on the young. During three measurement points, researchers through interviews examine the emotional welfare of young people and to portray this strengthening effect. The young people will be encouraged to keep their experiences in a diary. - At the end of the third year of the project and the empowerment of young people identified in a scientific way, we want to go to the Flemish government initiative that future structural support.

Date:1 Jun 2012 →  31 Dec 2013
Keywords:civic integration of young people
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Education systems, General pedagogical and educational sciences, Specialist studies in education, Other pedagogical and educational sciences