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Integration of hybrid composites in the industrialised composite automotive process chain

This PhD research is run as part of HyFiSyn project with BMW. The aim of the project is to introduce hybrid fiber composites into the industrial process chain. The first step of this project will be to perform screening experiments to analyse the percentage of hybrid effect obtained with different fiber combinations (Glass/Carbon, Glass/Steel, Carbon/Steel) in various loading conditions like tension, impact and flexural. Based on the results of screening experiments the fiber combinations will be matched with the potential applications and then the prototype will be prepared. • Investigate mechanisms of action of hybrid materials (elongation, pretension, corrosion, shrinkage during process, mechanical behavior under static and crash loadings); • Validate the design approach on a real part: prototyping, passing the paint shop and testing

Date:7 May 2019  →  Today
Keywords:Hybrid, Composite
Disciplines:Hybrid composites
Project type:PhD project