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Insights into the Impact of Mega Transport Infrastructure Projects on the Transformation of the Urban Fabric of Lahore

The goal of this Ph.D. research is to gain insights into the impact of mass transit systems on the transformation of surrounding urban fabric in relation to transit-oriented development (TOD) in Lahore, Pakistan. It emphasizes the fact that diversified arrangements of TOD can be taken into account conferring the varying characters of different urban areas instead of one-size-fits-all approach of TOD. Mass transit corridors (in this case Bus Rapid Transport, BRT) balance mobility and amenity, providing more optimal economic outcomes to metropolitan conglomerations in general: residential and commercial activities increase in value due to the proximity to transport corridors. The primary aim of this research is to provide in-depth insights into the spatial transformations processes that took place around BRT corridor stations. This research concentrates on the intermediate scale to investigate phenomena of land use transformation, streetscape activity shifts, reconfiguration of properties, densification and land use revitalization. To understand the multiplicity of sustainable TOD arrangements around BRT stations of varying character, an understanding of the road users’ and neighboring building users’ preferences is critically assessed through the technique of visual stated preference surveys. Based on the detailed insights gained, diversified arrangements of sustainable TOD areproposed for old urban tissues and newly developed prosperous urban areas. This research concludes that, instead of applying a uniform smart growth strategy, the local urban planners and designers of Lahore must translate their visions of TOD through area sensitive master plans which are socially inclusive, market sensitive, and rooted in fiscal realities and thoroughly consulted with stakeholders.

Date:9 Oct 2017 →  7 Mar 2022
Keywords:Transport, urban
Disciplines:Architectural engineering, Architecture, Interior architecture, Architectural design, Art studies and sciences
Project type:PhD project