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Innovative concepts through multi-disciplinary approach (R-2117)

By working with various actors in a given sector, EDM wants to develop new concepts in the field of innovation with ICT resources, with special attention to human aspects and end users. Through this project EDM aims for this sector to formulate opinions, make relevant information available, testing the relevance and usefulness of new technologies, to write out the feasibility of integrated concepts. As a concrete case 'innovative service flats was chosen. The idea is, taking into account the target audience, to introduce new concepts so that a pleasant and secure environment with regard to welfare, quality of life, prevention, comfort and convenience arises is created. With a touchscreen interface, digital services are offered to people with age. Communication, information, orders, home automation, multimedia, etc are all to be used on a very simple and intuitive way.
Date:1 Dec 2008 →  30 Nov 2010
Keywords:Assistive technology, ICT for mediors, Innovative concepts, Multidiciplinairy approach, Service flats of the future
Disciplines:Mathematical sciences, Information and computing sciences, Computer engineering, information technology and mathematical engineering