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Innovative approach for next-generation antibiotics (FWOSB95)

Antibiotic resistance is a major health problem. The multidrugresistance of pathogenic bacteria implicates that it is possible again to succumb to previously treatable infections. One of the top priority multidrug-resistant pathogens is Acinetobacter baumannii. Not much is known about this pathogen and treatment options are becoming limited, as strains resistant to even last resort antibiotics are emerging and spreading. In this project, I will search for new therapeutic targets in A. baumannii. To do this, I will determine the binding pocket of an antimicrobial compound that was recently identified in our lab, on an essential protein of this pathogen, and screen for improved binders.
I will use Nanobodies, targeting either important outer membrane proteins or previously unknown surfaceexposed antigens on the cell surface of A. baumannii, to discover new epitopes. In addition,the Nanobodies will be tested for antimicrobial and anti-resistance activities.

This project will lead to the identification of new conformational epitopes on a highly relevant human pathogen, the implementation of an innovative method to identify new targets on the cell surface of multidrug-resistant bacteria and to new insights into A. baumannii's biology. Ultimately, these deliverables will accelerate the development of next-generation antibiotics and provide new options in the battle against multidrugresistant bacteria.
Date:1 Nov 2020 →  31 Oct 2022
Keywords:Multidrug-resistant, Acinetobacter baumannii, Next-generation antibiotics
Disciplines:Proteins , Bacteriology, Structural biology