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The Inner Voice of the Literary Sanctuary : Scribal Formation for Prophetic Praise.Prophetic Sapientialisation of Psalms and Hodayot Collections in Second Temple Judaism.

Since the 1990's the complete publication of the Qumran library has become available and the collection can be viewed as a whole. With the authoritative publication in 2009 of the longest and most complete Hodayot psalms collection from Cave 1 (1QHa), comparative studies with other psalms and liturgical collections from the late Second Temple Period are made possible. New perspectives in both MT Psalms and Hodayot Studies are offered with increasing attention given to the purposeful scribal and textual configuration of particular collections as a whole. The project views the compositions of the Hodayot and MT Psalms as part of the process of ascetical and pedagogical formation of the exemplary pious scribe along with the individual and collective reenactment of a scripted context of transmitted identity formation and tradition.

Date:1 Oct 2013 →  31 Dec 2019
Keywords:Qumran, Biblical Theology, Reading Practices
Disciplines:Theology and religious studies
Project type:PhD project