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Induced forces and correlations between passive particles in an active medium

The behaviour of passive particles suspended in a (passive) fluid, ordinarily known as Brownian motion, is well understood and is a paradigm model in many fields. This research attempts to answer the question of what happens to a passive probe in an active fluid. Active baths may exhibit striking collective behaviour which may cause the effect of the bath on the probe to be extremely persistent. Furthermore, when multiple probes are placed in an active bath, these may affect each other by a force exerted by the active bath, but induced by the presence of the additional probe. The characterization of this induced effect in function of the system parameters is the main goal of the research. To achieve this goal, simulations of active particle systems will be used which are written especially for this purpose in Python. A side-objective of the research is also to make the code used for the simulations accessible to other researchers working on similar problems. The code is written in Python and may therefore be especially suitable for students who are inexperienced with coding and molecular dynamics simulations, but want to put their hand to simulations of active systems.

Date:22 Jul 2021 →  Today
Keywords:Active Matter, Statistical Physics, Computational Physics
Disciplines:Statistical physics, Computational physics
Project type:PhD project