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Incubator Network (t) (R-3583)

For researchers at universities there is a clear need for guidance and support of entrepreneurial activities. Researchers often have a technology available that provides a valuable valorization potential, but they are in the first place researcher. The transition from researcher to entrepreneur is not always obvious, because the technical knowledge of the researcher must be supplemented with a variety of business aspects. There is often only a limited (or nonexistent) budget available. Therefore represents this project a significant contribution to researchers and research institutions, which translates into a support for quality enhancement technology valorization, the creation and growth of new, healthy businesses and ultimately the growth of regional economy. This project provides a strong completion to the regular operation of the partners involved. This project makes it possible for the partner institutions to work out both institution-and cross-border projects. In addition, the partners share best practices to scout and guide potential spin-offs. The international dimension in this project offers a great value to both the partners and participants of this project. The partners learn from each others experiences in setting up and help grow business spin-offs from research institutes, researchers from these institutes learn from each other and learn from experienced coaches important aspects of setting up and managing technology-based businesses. The international context provides on one hand a scale advantage: thanks to the involvement of six partners a critical mass of entrepreneurial researchers together. On the other hand, the coaches and participants come in contact with the entrepreneurial culture in other countries, which also offers a fascinating source of inspiration to learn from each other.
Date:1 Oct 2011  →  31 Dec 2014
Disciplines:Information and computing sciences, Media and communications
Project type:Collaboration project