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IMARK. Network for image-based biomarker discovery and evaluation

IMARK capitalizes on the deeply rooted expertise in biomedical imaging at the University of Antwerp to push the boundaries of precision medicine. By resolving molecular and structural patterns in space and time, IMARK aims at expediting biomarker discovery and development. To this end, it unites research groups with complementary knowledge and tools that cover all aspects of imaging-centred fundamental research, preclinical validation and clinical evaluation. IMARK harbours high-end infrastructure for electron and light microscopy, mass spectrometry imaging, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, positron emission tomography and single-photon emission computed tomography. Moreover, IMARK members actively develop correlative approaches thatinvolve multiple imaging modalities to enrich information content, and conceive dedicated image analysis pipelines to obtain robust, quantitative readouts. This unique blend of technologies places IMARK in an excellent position as preferential partner for public-private collaborations and offers strategic advantage for expanding the flourishing IP portfolio. The major application fields of theconsortium are neuroscience and oncology. With partners from the Antwerp University Hospital and University Psychiatric Centre Duffel, there is direct access to patient data/samples and potential for translational studies.
Date:1 Jan 2021  →  Today
Disciplines:Computational biomodelling and machine learning, Data visualisation and high-throughput image analysis, Development of bioinformatics software, tools and databases, Single-cell data analysis, Proteomics, Systems biology not elsewhere classified, Biomedical image processing, Biomedical instrumentation, Biomedical signal processing, Cell, tissue and organ engineering, Biodiscovery, Diagnostic radiology, Image-guided interventions, Nuclear imaging