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Identifying virulence-associated genes in the head blight pathogen Fusarium poae via a comparative pathogenomics and transcriptomics approach

This project proposal uses the high quality genome assembly of F. poae in a comparative pathogenomics and transcriptomics study with the aggressive pathogen F. graminearum and the cryptic pathogen F. langsethiae. The goal of this project is to get insight in the role of secondary metabolites, virulence- and effector genes in the cryptic pathogenesis of the ubiquitous pathogen F. poae.

Date:1 Jan 2016  →  31 Oct 2020
Keywords:weak pathogen, Transcriptional engineering, mycotoxins, effector proteins, PacBio sequencing
Disciplines:Laboratory medicine, Agricultural plant production, Microbiology, Molecular and cell biology, Plant biology, Genetics, Systems biology, Horticultural production