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The hybrid identity of the HIV/AIDS-patient: a longitudinal study of the impact of antiretroviral treatment on the life of HIV/AIDS-patients in sub-Saharan Africa.

The general research aim is to undertake a sociological study of the impact of HIV/AIDS and the associated ART on the lives of those affected and more specifically on the identity reconstruction of HIV/AIDS patients receiving ART in sub-Saharan Africa. This research views ART not only as the turning point in the treatment of an 'ill body', detached from the social reality, but also as a turning point in the experience of AIDS as a chronic illness, embedded in this social reality. The study will attempt to draw an overall picture of the HIV/AIDS patient receiving ART as a 'social entity' with a chronic illness, and his/her consequent place and role in society. In practice, we will study the factors that positively affect the possibility of a successful treatment andthe associated identity reconstruction.
Date:1 Oct 2009 →  31 Aug 2011
Disciplines:Social medical sciences, Social work, Other sociology and anthropology
Project type:Collaboration project