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Human Computer Communication: Dialogue System

Dialog systems are usually divided into two categories: chitchat (Cho and Julien, 2016) and task comple- tion dialogue system (Wen et al., 2016b). These systems have an increasing effect in social and industrial life. Via either auditory or textual input, people communicate with machines in natural language for task completion or daily entertainment. Usually, chitchat systems are designed to meet the mental needs of the user, such as mental support, while the task completion dialogue system aims at assisting users to complete a particular task through understanding user goals and requests in multiple communication turns and providing information. These dialogue systems mainly consist of information retrieval and dialog reasoning based on multiple turns. In this thesis research, we focus on solving user task efficiently and accurately, and we also take care of user experience.

Date:7 Oct 2020  →  Today
Disciplines:Natural language processing
Project type:PhD project