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The History of Exegesis and “Marginal” Books of the New Testament: The Patristic Reception History of 1 Peter

This project revolves around the volume of Novum Testamentum Patristicum that I have been assigned by the editors of the series, which will contain a thorough assessment of, and commentary on, the Patristic reception of 1 Peter 2:11-5:14 up to the eight century. It is an enquiry into the nature of the authority assigned to a marginal New Testament letter — 1 Peter — in Late Antiquity. As such, it builds upon the results of my recently defended PhD project in which I have been looking at the reception of early Christian writings outside the New Testament.

Date:1 Oct 2016 →  30 Sep 2019
Keywords:Patristic Reception History, Exegesis, History, “Marginal” Books, New Testament, 1 Peter
Disciplines:Theology and religious studies