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(In) Hadewijch's Footsteps. Inventorying the academic, literary and artistic reception of Hadewijch's work, from 1838 to today

This heuristic project aims to inventorise the academic as well as the literary and artistic reception of Hadewijch's oeuvre, from its discovery in 1838 till today. The inventory will support three projects: (1) an exhibition in the Letterenhuis Museum in 2015, (2) the edition of a 'Brill Companion to Hadewijch' (in preparation), and (3) the development of a new line of research on the interplay between the academic Hadewijch study on the one hand, and the reception of Hadewijch in literary and artistics contexts on the other with special attention to interplay between both fields.
Date:1 Feb 2013  →  31 Dec 2013
Disciplines:Curatorial and related studies, History, Other history and archaeology, Language studies, Literary studies, Art studies and sciences, Artistic design, Audiovisual art and digital media, Heritage, Music, Theatre and performance, Visual arts , Other arts, Product development, Study of regions