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GROUPMEDIPOUL - On-farm homogeneity, stability, interactions and cross-contamination of antimicrobial drugs mixed in the drinking water for group treatment of poultry, and the relation with plasma concentrations (GROUPMEDIPOUL)

This project will provide answers to the following questions:

  1. How homogeneous are antimicrobial drugs after being mixed by the farmer via a dispenser on the water line or in a water tank, and how homogeneous and stable remain these drugs up to the moment of intake by broilers?
  2. Which interactions (on a laboratory scale) are to be expected between antimicrobial drugs and frequently used disinfectants and additives (acids or probiotics) in the drinking water? And what is the impact of such interactions on the stability of the drugs?
  3. To what extent does cross-contamination occur at the broiler farm after administration of antimicrobial drugs in the drinking water?
  4. Is there a relationship between the levels in the drinking water and the plasma concentrations of the antimicrobial drugs in broiler chickens?
  5. What are critical factors through the entire chain, from production to consumption of drinking water with added drugs, to guarantee optimal drug delivery in broiler chickens and to control cross-contamination?
Date:1 Aug 2021 →  Today
Keywords:plasma concentrations, group treatment, homogeneity, drug interactions, antibacterial drugs, stability, cross-contamination, poultry
Disciplines:Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, Pharmacotherapy, Pharmacokinetics, Veterinary epidemiology