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Granite related versus orogenic mineralizations: insights from W, Sn and Au mineralizations in Rwanda

The formation of W, Sn and Au mineralisations has been attributed to both magmatic, metamorphic and orogenic processes, which often caused heated discussions in literature. The Karagwe-Ankole Belt in Rwanda hosts W, Sn and Au mineralized quartz veins which provide us the tools to study and compare the geological and geochemical characteristics of these three mineralization types in detail. The goal of this research project is: 1) to determine the structural framework and timing of the mineralized vein formation, 2) to situate the ore formation into the geodynamic evolution of the orogeny, 3) to find the geochemistry and origin of the mineralizing fluids, 4) to specify the importance of differentiation and fractionation of a felsic melt as a source of fluids and metals, 5) to quantify the amount of interaction between these fluids and the host rock, fluid mixture and their role in the precipitation of the ore minerals.

Date:1 Oct 2017  →  Today
Keywords:Economic geology, Gold, Central Africa
Project type:PhD project