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Functional Nano-scale imaging consortium (FUNCI-Nano)

The ability to observe and direct materials at the nanometer scale has opened an entirely new field of science and technology, and yielded breakthrough innovations such semiconductor industry or heterogeneous catalysts. Despite significant market potential, progress is often limited by acces to the highly specialized knowledge and instrumentation needed for for the development of improved functional nano−materials. The FUNCI−Nano consortium houses unique instrumentation for nano−imaging and characterization, with a.o. world renowned capabilities in scanning probe and advanced optical microscopy. The Industrial Research Manager will serve as a bridge between industry and academia, while forwarding application development in biotech, cleantech and novel materials, thus capturing the true value of the nanoscopy platform.

Date:1 May 2019 →  Today
Keywords:functional nanomaterials, optical microscopy and spectroscopy, nanoscale imaging, nanoscale characterization, surface and interface chemistry and characterization
Disciplines:Analytical spectrometry, Instrumental methods , Nanochemistry, Optical properties of materials, Synthesis of materials, Physical chemistry of materials, Spectroscopic methods, Structural analysis