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A Framework to Increase the Resilience of Embedded Systems – FIRES

Embedded systems, now used in many (safety-critical) domains, suffer from run-time errors introduced by external disturbances. Systems regulated by functional safety standards are even required to use techniques which enable the detection of anomalous behaviour. While our previous research focused on detection techniques for different types of errors, simply merging and applying them to the entire code base imposes too much overhead onto the system, making this approach infeasible for the industry. Therefore, this project exploits previous research and gathered knowledge to develop an automated framework that 1) identifies the vulnerable parts of the embedded software through the injection of bit-flips and 2) proposes the necessary techniques to increase the resilience of these vulnerable parts. Through service agreements, this automated framework can be used by industry, making their products more resilient and giving them a competitive advantage.
Date:1 Jan 2021 →  Today
Keywords:resilient software, functional safety, embedded systems
Disciplines:Embedded systems, Software engineering , Embedded and real-time systems, Performance evaluation, testing and simulation of reliability