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Fostering personalized learning in primary schools through the use of learning analytics dashboards

Digital technologies can be used to achieve more adequate personalisation, but primary school teachers are often not guided and trained in the use of digital technologies and struggle to use the data these technologies offer. The proposed research project addresses this problem by investigating teachers' use of learning analytics dashboards. Learning analytics dashboards provide teachers with data about the learner and thus offer opportunities for teachers to further personalise the learning environment to the needs of the learner. However, whether these dashboards will lead to more personalisation in the classroom depends very much on teachers' competence, and more specifically on their dispositions and situation-specific skills to use these dashboards, as well as on their actual behaviour regarding personalised learning. The objectives of the project are twofold. First, I want to identify different facets of teachers' professional competence regarding the use of learning analytics dashboards by developing and validating assessment instruments. Second, I want to examine individual differences in teachers' professional competence in using dashboards. This research will allow to identify weaknesses and strengths in teachers' competence to use dashboards and will be informative to design future trainings to achieve more effective dashboard use in primary school teachers.

Date:1 Oct 2023 →  Today
Keywords:learning analytics dashboard, teacher professional competence, personalized learning
Disciplines:Educational technology, Instructional psychology and instructional design