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Formulation and processing of probiotic bacteria in a solid oral dosage form for pharyngeal delivery.

Respiratory infections know a high morbidity. Nowadays, patients are treated with over-thecounter products such as decongestives and expectorants. There is also an overuse of antibiotics, which leads to antibiotic resistance. Therefore, a new therapy, based on microbiomemanipulation, is imposed. This research will focus on the improvements for this new therapeutic strategy. The human body consists of many microorganisms lives in symbiosis with each other, resulting in beneficial effects for both. Pathogens can disturb this symbiosis. The homeostasis can be restored by probiotic formulations. They will reinforce the innate immunity. It is the aim of this research to develop a solid oral dosage form for the pharyngeal delivery of probiotic bacteria, which can prevent and treat respiratory infections. Mechanical stress during compression can damage the bacteria, which can result in therapy failure. The aim of this research is to protect the bacteria by choosing the correct formulation and process parameters. This research will be combined with detailed microbiological analysis. The stability of the formulation will be investigated by stability tests. Finally, the efficacy and safety of the formulation will be determined by in vitro tests. Successful results can lead to clinical studies on humans and to new businesses. This can result in a medical and economical progress..
Date:1 Jan 2017  →  Today
Disciplines:Chemical product design and formulation, Biomaterials engineering