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Flexible inbound and internal logistics (FlexIn²Log) (FLexIn²Log)

On the one hand, supply and internal logistics must become more flexible and transparent in order to take material transport and transfer away from production workers. On the other hand, more automation is needed to free internal logistics from too much manual work and errors in planning or controlling it. 
How can digital technologies/platforms and digitally controlled autonomous mobile robots be implemented more quickly to achieve flexibility and efficiency gains? How can this create added value in practice, also for SME companies? VIL, together with the manufacturing companies and their logistic and ICT partners, will answer all these questions in a very practical way.


Accelerate and align the logistics supply chain to facilitate production changes

Reduce internal delivery quantities (less stock in production)

  • Increasing the predictability of logistics movements
  • Relieve operators of non-production tasks
  • Drastically reduce errors (missing or wrong components in production)
  • Increasing productivity and competitiveness through automation and optimisation of logistics processes on the production floor, the warehouse logistics preceding it and the supply chain of materials and components



  • Overview of state-of-the art technologies for:
    • Digitising the flow of goods between warehouse and production
    • Digitising and monitoring inbound logistics via existing management systems
    •  Automating internal transport towards the production floor
  • Carrying out PoCs on digitisation of order picking for production and setting up a logistics concept for digital planning/control of inbound and internal logistics tasks linked to existing WMS/ERP/MES
  • Setting up a demonstrator based on generic use cases for automated transport between warehouse and production with AMRs
  • Developing a toolbox to evolve from the current to the desired future situation: determining ROI, do's and don'ts, working methodology task allocation operators and AMRs
Date:1 Sep 2022 →  Today
Keywords:FLEXIN³LOG, AGV/AMR, manufacturing industry
Disciplines:General and logistic services
Project type:Collaboration project