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Fisheries Information System & Tools: Technical implementation of on board data collection (VISTOOLS – LUIK 1)

Main research question/goal

VISTools I&II is based on cooperation between the fisheries sector and scientists and focuses on the fishing vessel as data platform. VISTools
I&II centralizes fisheries information, which is automatically
collected aboard the vessel and linked to existing data platforms. Linking
this new source of fisheries information with existing data allows the
development of a number of on-board and online accessible, informative tools.

Research approach

VISTools I project builds on the achievements of Mr Pedro Rappé (Omni-C NV), partner in the VISTools project. Mr Rappé is a crew member
on board the Z.483 (owner Dany Vlietinck). VISTools  I includes setting up the network and collecting the data on board the Z.483. ILVO develops a data management system and associated software in close collaboration with the parties involved.


The purpose of this tool is to collect and report sensor data automatically and hence provide the crew, skipper and ship owner feedback on the economic performance of their vessel (including expected yield per tow and per trip, visualization of the current catch composition, fuel cost, etc.).

Funding provider(s)
External partner(s)
Date:1 Sep 2018 →  31 Dec 2019