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Feasability study "Capping of the Paardenmarkt site, a dumpsite of war munition during WWI" (160U4508)

The 'Paardenmarkt' site is a former dumpsite of WWI munition (conventional and chemical). Excavation of the munition is to expensive, so a possible management alternative is capping of the site. A first step is to determine the hydrodynamic and sedimentological boundary conditions. These boudnary conditions serves as a basis to select to the most appropriate capping construction, and a preliminary design is elaborated. Special attention is being paid to the cost price and difficulties or limitations of the execution.

Date:1 Feb 2008  →  31 Oct 2009
Keywords:paardenmarkt, war munition, dumpsite, capping, WWI
Disciplines:Water engineering, Earthquake engineering, Wind engineering, Geotechnical and environmental engineering, Construction engineering