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Extraction and recuperation of valuable compounds from biomass side streams, using natural deep eutectic solvents (R-11514)

In a global effort to increase circular processes and reduce waste streams and CO2 emission, the way we process and consume natural resources is currently scrutinized and reformed. Biomass side streams, often disposed of as waste, possess the potential for a valorization pathway to recuperate value-added components that can find use in food, pharmaceutical or technological applications. The aim of this proposal is to transform the current energy-demanding extractions based on harmful organic solvents and acids into eco-friendly and scalable processes through the use of natural deep eutectic solvents (NADES). NADES have excellent solvating properties for a wide variety of extractives, but also behold many challenges including extractive recovery, solvent recycling, and the fact that a full understanding of the NADES-biomass interactions is still under development. In this project, NADES will be screened and optimized for the extraction of several target compounds from different 'model' matrix types. The circular approach of this project situates in the further valorisation of the spent biomass through novel pyrolysis methods to create biomass-based adsorbers (BBA). These BBA can be used to recuperate the target extractives, as well as purify the NADES solvent for re-use. The research is supported by a techno-economic analysis, which aids in creating a better understanding of the industrial viability of the proposed research when scaled.
Date:16 Jan 2020 →  Today
Keywords:biomass valorization, Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents (NADES), Pyrolysis
Disciplines:Analytical separation and detection techniques, Structural analysis, Natural products chemistry, Sustainable chemistry not elsewhere classified