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Exploiting linguistic diversity in the classroom: A functional multilingual learning (FML) workshop for teachers

The Centre for Diversity & Learning (CDL) is a unique research group at Ghent University dedicated to the theme of 'dealing with diversity' in all kinds of learning contexts. CDL's mission is to focus not only on scientific research but also on providing scientifically based support. This threefold approach translates research insights as clearly as possible for the professional field. In this way, CDL wants to create maximum learning opportunities for every learner. One of CDL's expertise themes is linguistic diversity and multilingualism. Within this theme, the doctoral research 'Multilingualism in Secondary Education in Flanders: The Dynamics of Language Policy' takes place between 2019 and 2023. This research wants to investigate how the use of Functional Multilingual Learning (FML) in the classroom affects teachers' language beliefs and language practices. We want to use the MVFund to develop a training/workshop to introduce teachers to FML, based on the experiences we have gained from this project.

Date:1 May 2023 →  Today
Keywords:professionalisation, training, Teacher competences, linguistic diversity
Disciplines:Second language learning, Didactics of school subjects, Language didactics, Teacher training, Teacher education and professional development of educators, Language curriculum and pedagogics