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ExpertGaze - Applying new measurement technologies to facilitate knowledge transfer from experts to non-experts (ExpertGaze)

The Tetra project ExpertGaze is investigating how measurements of behaviour, visual attention and stress levels during the execution of a task, can be of added value for building competences and supporting people in the performance of their jobs. Furthermore, it is investigated how measurements of experts can contribute to the training, support and/or accreditation of non-experts.The goal of the ExpertGaze project is to translate the already available and accumulated knowledge about measurement technologies into concrete challenges that our field partners, but also the wider labor market has to deal with.
Partners in this project are Howest-Applied University and imec-MICT-UGent.
Date:1 Nov 2020 →  Today
Keywords:Virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, mobile eyetracking, stress measures
Disciplines:Human-computer interaction, Virtual reality and related simulation
Project type:Collaboration project